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Ward 19 has always been special because of its suburban/rural split. As someone who has a lot of experience in the suburban east end, but currently lives in the rural part of Cumberland Ward, I am uniquely positioned to represent the best interests of the entire community.

Above all, I am running in this election because I care about the community and want to make sure whoever is elected has the residents of Cumberland at heart. I will be a representative that is responsive, accessible and reliably present.

City Councillor 2018-0018.jpg

We are in the midst of a challenging global pandemic, and we need the leadership of someone who will put the safety and health our residents first: 

  • Ensuring ongoing sanitation of city properties and the enforcement of public health regulations to keep people safe

  • Advocate for a COVID-19 testing centre in the east end

  • Target dangerous drivers through enhanced road safety and traffic calming measures, specially near school zones

  • Work alongside Orléans community constable to ensure residents continue to feel safe in their neighbourhoods and homes

  • Expanded in-person seniors programming at the François Dupuis Recreation Centre once possible, and continued promotion of a virtual seniors community during the ongoing pandemic closures

  • Continued support of the Navan Nifty 50 Plus Senior Club

  • Follow through on proposed expansion of the François Dupuis Recreation Centre and a "dome" sports facility at Millennium Park, support le MIFO in its expansion project

  • Champion Orléans Rotary Climate Action Team’s project for an “Orléans Forest”

  • Provide support to Cumberland Ward's community associations and their neighbourhood-specific projects


  • Protect farmland and the character of rural villages

  • Fight for adequate representation during ongoing discussions of the City of Ottawa Ward Boundary Review

  • Provide support to farmers and our volunteer firefighters

  • Invest in rural road maintenance, specifically resurfacing North/South routes, explore using recycled plastic in asphalt

  • Champion the city's Rural Economic Development Strategy Plan to stimulate economic growth

  • Advocate for high-speed broadband internet options in our rural communities in support of increased 'Work From Home' realities


  • Keep property taxes low while finding ways to streamline services and uncover inefficiencies to reduce the city's mounting deficit

  • Support smart and mixed-use development of land in proximity to the Orléans Light Rail Transit Corridor

  • Make certain small businesses are equipped and supported to navigate these challenging times

  • Work with federal government representatives to bring an activity based workplace (workplace 3.0) hub to the east end


  • Secure a smoother transition into Stage 2 LRT including a longer period for testing, improved bus service, pedestrian and cyclist access to east end stations

  • Demand an improved procurement process for Stage 3 LRT, eliminate bids that do not meet the minimum technical requirements from moving forward in process

  • Increased collaboration with OC Transpo to improve bus service to east end residents, we need increased frequency of select routes at peak times, including express routes

  • Pilot "on demand" transit service for rural communities


  • Protect agricultural lands from future development

  • Enforce environmentally conscious planning practices as well as development that provides transit and retail amenities, fitting within the "15 minute communities" framework

  • Ensure housing is built with affordability in mind


  • Work alongside the NCC to move forward on the Brian Coburn Bypass extension project, expedite Frank Kenny Road extension

  • Ensure that bus rapid transit corridors, pedestrian and cycling infrastructure, and potential for high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes are considered in all future major road projects

  • Advocate for uploading HWY 174 to the provincial government